Do you need a visa?

Foreigners who enter Chile for recreational, health, studies, business, familiar, religious, or other similar, without immigration purposes will be considered tourists. Chile has an exemption regime of tourist visas with several countries. To check the aforementioned, please refer to the following document Cuadro de Visas y Aranceles 2018 , under the heading “Req. VISTUR – SI/NO” for your home country. (SI= a tourist visa is required, NO = a tourist visa is not required).

Get more current information and detailed instructions at the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please check current visa categories, requirements, and the Cuadro de Visas y Aranceles document, as this could change. .

Letter of Invitation

You will have the opportunity to request a letter of invitation. Once you have registered through our online system and paid in full and your funds clear our bank, you can contact and our office will make and send your letter of invitation.

Letters of invitation will be sent by email. If you would like a copy mailed to you, you will need to cover any affiliated postage charges.

Please note that this letters will take at least 10 working days to be sent, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires us to authenticate them by a Public Notary.

How to apply for a visa

Secure your applications at least 90 days prior to your scheduled departure, as it takes a minimum of 20 working days to process an application. 90 days will allow the necessary time for processing both your application packet and visa.

Please note: the conference office cannot intervene on behalf of the invites with the Embassy or Chilean Consulate via fax, phone, mail or email.

If your visa request is denied and you are unable to attend, you may cancel and receive a full refund minus a US $25 processing fee. The refund will be issued 30 days after you have notified the Conference Office. You must provide documentation that shows you applied for a visa and it was officially denied.