Contact  as soon as possible with any questions or specific accommodation requests. During the Conference, information is available at the conference info desk at Santiago Convention Center.

Attendees Requiring Assistance of an Attendant

Attendees with disabilities who require the assistance of an attendant during the event can request a Companion Pass through the Conference Management Office. The following rules apply:

  • Bearer of the Companion Pass must be accompanied by the registered attendee who requested the pass.
  • Meals are not included. Individuals with a Companion Pass can purchase meals separately. Please reach out to the Conference Management Office for pricing.

Service animals trained specifically to assist people with disabilities are welcome at all events.

The Conference does NOT provide:

  • DEVICES that are personal or individually prescribed, such as wheelchairs, prescription eyeglasses, or hearing aids.
  • SERVICES of a personal nature, such as assistance in eating, toileting or dressing, or the pushing of wheelchairs. Specific circumstances are detailed below.
Attendees Who Are Blind/Vision Impaired

Attendees who are blind or have vision impairments should contact us as soon as possible to discuss reasonable accommodations. During normal business hours, volunteers or staff will be available to read information to patrons requesting accommodation.

Attendees Who Are Deaf/ Hard of Hearing

Patrons and presenters who are deaf or hard of hearing should contact the Conference management office as soon as possible to discuss reasonable accommodations and to schedule interpreters for Conference events.

The Conference will engage a professional ASL interpreting agency to provide quality American Sign Language interpreters as needed. We do not provide interpreters to accompany individuals to trade shows, satellite events or parties.

At all Conference events where there is seating, accessible sections for the deaf or hard of hearing will be designated. These seats will be available only until the event starts, after which unclaimed seating will be opened to the general audience.

If you have requested sign language interpretation and for any reason are late, cancel or decide to not attend all of the programming, please notify the Conference office as soon as possible so we can notify the interpreters. If you do not notify us, you may be liable for the cost of hiring the interpreters.

Patrons Who Are Mobility Impaired

Patrons and presenters with mobility impairments should contact the Conference office as soon as possible to discuss and arrange accommodations.

Wheelchairs and 3- or 4-wheel electric scooters are allowed and are reasonably accommodated. Users of any other mobility devices should contact the Conference office.

The Conference does NOT provide push services for presenters or patrons. Attendants are allowed access to the Conference with a Companion Pass name badge.

At all events where seating is provided, accessible sections will be established for mobility-impaired and Companion Pass holders. Space for a mobility device and one companion is on a first-come, first-served basis and is not guaranteed.